Author Topic: DTG units - rental programs  (Read 5224 times)

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Re: DTG units - rental programs
« Reply #15 on: September 30, 2020, 11:58:15 AM »
Eric the new one. The F3070

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Re: DTG units - rental programs
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Is there an industry average per brand for head replacements? I know we replaced our head on our CTS exactly 1 week after our 12 month warranty. That was lame. Once we have issues I contact right away instead of attempting to learn and fix ourselves

new EPSON comes with an interesting program.
5 year warranty is $6k and it includes next day on site repair if it can't be done over the phone. The heads are also discounted by 50% as part of the plan ($750?).
The most interesting part is that heads are considered a consumable item and have to be replaced after so many prints (360,000? 500 per day for 3 years? or something like that). They are also a user replaceable part and it only takes 2 min to replace.
The printer is connected via web to the service center and they can do all the diagnostics directly with the unit.
I am also watching the install and seeing a lot of proper industrial design in the unit. Anything from the support/diagnostic monitoring, production reporting (number of jobs and printed area for example are accessible from the web), simplified design for quick and easy on site repairs and so on.


Pierre, which unit is this?

F3070, the new industrial one. we have the serial number 6. still working out some kinks. doing the install now. amazing what they can get into remotely to check and fix.

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