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Maverick vs. Avalanche

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We are looking at adding a more efficient DTG machine given the current market. I am currently drafting a comparison of the M&R Maverick vs. the Kornit Avalanche. Does anyone have any input in comparing the two machines? Anyone currently own either machine and want to hit me with some pros and cons? Looking for maintenance, troubleshooting, pricing analysis (I never trust the salesman price analysis) etc.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

I don't own one, maintain one or plan on getting one. But we have had a few things printed on both units. The Maverick blows any Kornit out of the water in quality. Now, some of that could be the places we get stuff from, but the final product from the Maverick is just amazing.

Kind of unfortunate because I own Kornit stock  ;D

We have the Kornit Avalanche at our shop.
All I can tell you is that it hasn't worked for two years. That may be due to the people before me didn't take good care of it and stopped using it...didn't prepare it for sitting and all of the heads dried up. Those two don't work here anymore. When I started with this Co. it wasn't working, so I looked into getting it running and all heads would need replaced. $80k to do so. Then, if I wanted to upgrade the inks to be able to print on any type garment like bleeders (comfort colors), it would be another 80k upgrade. We decided that for the amount of DTG work we want to have in our shop, it's best to let it sit and eventually get heads replaced and sell it.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Just want to bump this and keep this relevant since I need to move pretty quickly on it.

Anyone care to share any other experiences they have had with either machine, positive or negative?

Thanks again.

Real question, how come almost nobody is talking about the Maverick?

I assume most people doing DTG are on the basic hobbist stuff like the basic epson/brother stuff. But next tier, I dont see any one talking about it.


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