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Brother GTX non OEM ink users

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The OEM Brother GTX white inks are frustratingly expensive, I have to admit.  Had a look for some non OEM inks. Not sure though if I can trust these products though. Don`t want to end up in a situation where they start damaging the printhead, clogging it etc.
All you Brother GTX users here, has any of you used any alternatives to Brothers original inks and if so how has your journey be so far?

We have 3 GTX pros's.. Its to much risk in my opinion to use anything other than standard OEM inks. Yea, We feel your pain on the cost of inks.

blue moon:
I had that conversation with head of USA division. They are about $0.20 per print higher than EPSON from what i can see. And you have to buy 5 printers to get a discount. With EPSON they discount with the second one already. brother’s comment was that they did liked their pricing and did not think it was an issue.


Following this post. We use a GTX as well. Great machine, maintenance is not bad, prints come out great. Prints are durable, but....the margins SUCK.

If you buy 24 cartridges at a time the price per cartridge drops around $50.


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