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As of late I've been using the the same angle 22.5 and lpi 45 to 55 to do cmyk prints and to my eyes they look great, but I would like to know from you that print cmyk all the time what are the best angles and lpi for each color that you use to get your best looking print using cmyk, always trying to get a better looking print if I can.

I don’t know if asking "what are the best angles”, will get you the best results. Reason being, is that some angles work differently for some shops. Like everything else.

I would agree, that there has to be a more “typical”or common Multi angle that works most commonly. Like everybody has heard 22.5 work “for most shops”. and is very well received to not cause much issue.   I dunno.  I’ve tried various angles and I don’t seem to ever get moire on any of them. It’s been years and years since I’ve gotten moire from the use of an angle. Ive had other causes, but not due to the angle.

Getting good multi angles to elude moire is not always the only thing to concider.  Multi angles will “supposedly”increase image detail and color blending accuracy. It also forms a good transition between the 45-65 range. Having said that, I’ve never been able to see the improvements first had (as it pertains to shirt printing). Mutli angles for the purpose of improving mid tones, color accuracy and improved blending...has more so applied to flat tock printers and at higher lpi than apparel printers where there is far less interference by the substrate.

In fact, in my opinion, the multi angle with rosette patterns...are a negative to me. That “pattern”in my halftones seem to interferer visually with my good looking blends. At 65lpi or 55, or even worse, the 45lpi multi angles AND THE ROSETTE pattern enhance the noticeability of that pattern. So I don’t care to use them even if I am to lose any questionable color accuracy. That is just one of the many other variables that can torque a shade into another shade. I’ve still got all of those other variable to deal with also, so for the comfort of not seeing that pattern in my print, I’m happier to have used 22.5

Then, the information you get (most of it), about the best screen angles gets confusing because  A, they are most often talking about flat stock printing) when you find it on the web. B, the info you do find that comes from apparel screen still all over the place.

There is even more to what angle you use (when it comes to the art itself). Some of the more savvy experts at flat stock printing will say that you should use different sets of angles...for different art content. Detail level, Color tone of the art, and even substrate background or background color is said to dictate what angle you should use. Gets deep.  Then they get into color print sequence again, depending on the art.  For all of this, I’ve been getting very good results with the 22.5 and don’t see a need to step out. I mean, (I have before) and have not seen a great need that outweighs the ease and quality of the pint in a 22.5 (on apparel).

All of this, is my personal preference.

I was lucky enough to learn from Joe Clarke and Andy Anderson.  Joe put me on the same 22.5 degree angle, and Andy had his own settings that varied depending on the print from what I recall.  Understanding percentages, dot gain, and color in general is far more important than the angles.  The only time I would mess with angles would be something with various shades that were just not working out the way I wanted, such as matching up a painting. 

I just copied this from Scott Freseners site as one example of a set.

Simulated Process Color:25 degrees for all images
[/size][/color]Process color (CMYK):Cyan 15, Magenta 45, Yellow 75, Black 75 Or Cyan 22.5, Magenta 52.5, Yellow 82.5, Black 82.5[/font][/color][/size][/size]Figure 8 – Laser Printer[/i][/size][/font][/color][/size][/color]Underbase for a true process color job:Same as the Cyan[/font]

I use to use different angles for each color back in the day, can't remember why I started using the same angle for all colors but it seem to work fine, guess if we did a ton of cmyk I would be more dial in on it.


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