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2021 Show dates for ISS.


Update on Impressions shows next year.
•   Long beach has been postponed to April
•   AC has been moved to June
•   Orlando and Baton Rouge will not be staging

Thanks Kevin.  Long Beach in April will come quickly...hopefully we can get some vaccine action sooner than later to keep that one on the books!

Kevin, a good question to ask; as of RIGHT NOW will you guys be going to ISS Long Beach in April?

I have been asking vendors since August, everyone has said "NO". With it being such a traditionally large show with people from all over the world and the current state that CA is in right now, every vendor I have spoken with including ones based in CA are not going. I think April is just too soon to plan something like ISS Long Beach.

I am genuinely curious. April is not as ideal of a time for us to leave, but I sure will miss the hanging out and talking shop with other printers in January and getting out of this cold for a few days!   

Good question, I normally just go to to get up to date with what is "New" at the LB show.  Being based in Michigan there are to many Chinese venders to deal with at that show and shipping across country is expensive. My main concentration is everything east of the Mississippi and Texas. But I always do the AC show and will be watching closely about how NJ is doing and if people feel safe going to a tradeshow.  No use going to one if 50% of the people that normally visit stay home.  So I will be watching the vender list and talking to current customers what they think before I write the check for the AC show.


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