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We have a super clean GT541 and over the year we decided to let it die. It has a PC board issue, nothing to expensive but we just had enough of DTG. Question now is what the hell to do with this huge machine just collecting dust? We could just toss it in the land fill but it has nothing but good parts in it. Do you guys think there is a market to sell off parts or more importantly sell it to someone for a couple hundred bucks? Or is it just a waste of time?

blue moon:
post it on digitsmith. somebody will take it. you can make few bucks and keep it out of the landfill. . .


We had one a few years ago that was needing an upgrade, until the tech saw it and said it was too far gone, so we let it go to scrap metal instead of the dumpster.


Curious as what soured you on DTG

I’m looking for parts for mine. Where are you located?


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