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How to print from Photoshop to Rip?


I need to output PSD files via Xitron Rip to Douthitt.     Our designer is not at work because of Covid and I'm not sure how to do this.       I have Photoshop and Illustrator but don't know them very well, I work mainly with Corel.   Will appreciate any advice

If it's anything like accurip there should be a print option for the rip when you go to print out of photoshop. I assume your designer has it setup that way.

One missing key component with my other customers is that (for previous models of the Douthit units) you must manually bitmap the halftones in photoshop and save as a tif, prior to sending to the machine.  But again, this was prior to their newer versions.  Yours is a brand new model right?   Or was it an older but new model?

And you can call Doug 313-244-4037 at Douthitt


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