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AccuRip doesn't support Epson 1430 with new Emerald?

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Sorry for a rant here
All of the sudden, we started having banding issues on films, but perfect nozzle checks on the old bulk fed 1430.
So, tried to re-adjust settings in AccuRip Ruby...
But, they are not access-able because the license expired. What? Expired?

They explained the new Emerald license will not support my faithful cheap setup. But for a handsome fee, we can get another year on the Ruby for our legacy printer.

I've had it with the stick-ups from Accurip.

If anyone can point to a reasonable RIP, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Jack

blue moon:
CADLink, but you'll have to check if it supports 1430. It will take a bit to learn it as it has a ton more options.
If you do get it, make sure you run the setup wizard and then take advantage of their webinar training. Don't just wing it,

GhostRip/ opensource, been using it for years.

The stuff from Tom Knight works pretty well also.

blue moon:
to the best of my knowledge, neither supports controlling the amount of ink to make the films correct density.  .  .



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