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Hi there, on my picture
on the left the hoodie is made with my diamondback
on the right with my sidewinder
with the diamondback I always have screen resgistration problem with hoodie, the second layer of white is always off
white is Quick white, 110 mesh
flash time 8 seconds
50 psi on the head
can someone help me with this? thanks


8 seconds. wow how far away and what temp. to hot the shirt will move. I use flash spray. i am 2" or less and 750 and doing 4 seconds. why 110 mesh with that image. to thick possibly.

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blue moon:
thinner deposit of ink will flash faster and you will not have to heat up the garment as much. Try a 160 for ubase, maybe even a 230. Also use a fast flashing white ink.
That looks like it's too much shrinkage for just the flash though, something else might be going on.
do the shirts print fine?
we need more info.

We have found that "placing" the hoodies on the platen and not sticking them down, run them through the flash to "pre shrink" the fabric let them cool and then stick them down and print as usual makes a big difference especially on tight registration and or larger prints.
It is a major  PITA but so is replacing hoodies....I hate hoodies


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