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Hello! Back again!

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In a past life, 5 years or so ago, I was the owner of my own shop and was very active here on the forums as MimosaTexas.  I sold/merged with another shop, have seen ridiculous growth and expansion as the production manager, and am now transitioning into a sales and business development role.  Happy to have the time again to be on the boards, and a fresh pursuit to poor my attention into in this crazy world.  I see familiar faces already!

are you still with bumperactive?

I am indeed!  We have grown and changed so incredibly much in the last few years, and I have been too busy to do much here at all.  Now that production expansion is mostly in place, I'm moving toward focusing on sales, marketing, etc.

We should touch base again Eric!  I have loosely followed your growth as well.

nice, kyle was always on the cutting edge of digit. glad to hear all is well.

hit me up any time.

Hey!  Look there!  Great to see your name again. Er, the old name. I’m so attached to that one, but it’s a new day. :)

Thanks for coming back!


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