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For you that still use a compressor in your shops, if you haven't or not in a while, go make a few turns on your compressors peacock and let the water build up out, I know we have dryer/chillers between the press and the compressor, but letting that water out helps, just did ours and more water came out than I expected  ::)

Doug S:
OMG!  I took your tip and went back there and opened mine up for the 1st time in about a year or 2 and had no Idea!  I know there was atleast 3 1/2 gallons that blasted out of there.

Or add an auto drain? Peace of mind and not too expensive

blue moon:
I think I drained 5 gallons the first time I did it. Installed auto-purge since then. . .


When we had to move 4 years ago, we had 2 50 gallon compressors, and one of them probably had 30 gallons of water in it, LOL.



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