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Hey guys,

What is your hunch about the Long Beach show for 2022?   Will it happen as usual, as usual but scaled back, cancelled again, what does your all-knowing third eye see?

T Shirt Farmer:
With on going supply chain issues and that ever thing landing is being pre sold over retail for the foreseeable future ( I guess another 12-16 months ) the ROI for a booth does not make sense. The Toyota dealer around the corner has ZERO new cars and maybe 20-30 used on the entire lot. They asked me if I would sell my truck when i took it in for service last week. I hear Tacomas going for 7-9 k over msrp if you can find one.

I hear ya Farmer, I know of two smaller suppliers that are ditching their booth for 2022 for that reason.  If you are instantly selling everything that you can get in some might think there is need to have a booth to promote the brand.  Also if the show will be having reduced attendance.  The whole show in Fort Worth looked about as big as the back end of the long beach show. 

One of our guys stopped by a car dealership today, apparently Suburbans are on a 4-year waiting list. 

Not looking good for Impressions Show.  M&R pulled out.  San Mar and S&S pulled out of PPAI, I assume that means they will pull out of ISS as well.  Have any of you changed your plans for attending this year?

I am afraid that the glory days of trade shows/mags in our industry as well as others may have passed. Perhaps 20 ys ago I remember that M&R had an ISS LB presence that needed its own zip code! Rich had often privately commented to me on how much the cost of doing up to thirteen shows a year costed and how those costs had to be figured into their own sales. This was pre-internet (mostly) and before so much information and videos were just a click away. There was another equip mfg. owner who once said to me that he would rather fly/accommodate five prospective buyers to his facility and make one sale than exhibit at a trade show. Different strokes there to be sure.
In short, as the rags have gone in a different direction as and shows most likely will diminish, this may perhaps beg a question.........What about seminars and hands on workshops? Where will they go without the support of the equipment and chemical suppliers whom, in the past and uncertain future have financially made these very important demonstrations possible? Greg Kitson may know. I have never had any contact with him in recent memory however I applaud him for opening up his own facility for training for others. It is the opposite model of the Selectasine company that truly pioneered this industry. Albeit with a sly bit of secrecy and cleverance in their day.


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