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Part Time Production Graphic Artist - 100% Remote

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Flying Colors:
Looking for a Graphic Artist to help us with Proofs, Virtuals, and Separations.

We are extremely flexible on hours worked. Days, Nights, Weekends, Etc.... Will be 100% remote so you can make your own schedule. Can be a couple hours a day or 8 hours on a weekend. Willing to pay 1099 or on Payroll - Your Choice.

We use Shopworks, Proofstuff, Adobe, and Corel.

Interested send me a Note through the forum or email.


hit up graphx. let me know if you need a connection.

Flying Colors:
Never worked with them so if you have a contact for me to reach out to that would great.


Why isn't Nick from Graphx Source on this forum anyhow.

Like what does he even do all day?  8)

I use graphX for difficult seperations, they are very good.
For simple Vector work I use VLead in India, they are great at vector redraws and seps and very cheap.     They also work on a a different time zone so you can send seps pm and get them am.


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