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Can anyone tell me if there are any ways to get specials or discounts when purchasing Shopworx.  I am about to buy it for my shop but if there is any tricks to getting the best deal I would like to know.  Thanks in advance.

T Shirt Farmer:
If I knew then what I know after being a user for 8+ years I would burn in hell before buying it. With that said it is extremely powerful if you have solid knowledge of Filemaker or similar types of applications. The cloud based product is like a remote desktop more than an app and is not intuitive AT ALL, does not go over well with millennials. If you do your bookkeeping in house get ready to hear a crap ton of moaning, not a Quickbooks experience in any way. If you run company store platforms like we do forget getting any help getting them to play nice together., lots of double entry. But if you are a techy group and have the desire to learn it and customize for your shop it will probably be a great tool. I am still amazed there is not a better mid to upper tier application available.

Ron Pierson:
One of the BEST decisions I ever made. Be prepared to rethink how you do things. Yes - there is a transition, a relearning curve, all that. If you think you can do things the "same ol way" run the other way. the easiest transition was for the people who are your newest personnel. Sure - it aint QuickBooks - you may have to get a new CPA. So what, they are about as useful as tits on a bull anyway. You will learn a new way of "accounting". QuickBooks is not built for running a business, Shopworks is. I had 35 users. Turned my business from a 500K to 5M in 5 years and we were 98% contract. It makes all of your employees accountable and removes tribal knowledge.

I have no affiliation

great software. but be prepared to not have much help or guidance from the SW team.

We JUST are finishing the transition.  It is very powerful.  Not perfect, but compared to what else is out there RIGHT NOW it is the only one that would do what we needed and we needed it RIGHT NOW.  We are keeping accounting in Quickbooks for now, but will likely make that transition as well in the next year.

Not pretty for sure, but you're paying for it to work, not look pretty, and it does that part very well.


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