Author Topic: World Emblem Joins SanMar PSST  (Read 431 times)

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World Emblem Joins SanMar PSST
« on: March 10, 2022, 02:23:30 PM »
With World Emblem now a member of SanMar’s Pack Separately Ship Separately (PSST) program, you are assured the greatest convenience and quality of service possible while ensuring your clients’ orders arrive on time.

As part of its program, when SanMar ships blank garments for decoration to World Emblem, they are presorted by order for ease of checking in and staging. You receive a daily manifest from SanMar so you know when goods were shipped and when they will arrive. This allows you to make sure orders are on track.

Shipping from Sanmar is free, and the 2% spoilage protection plan means you are not out of pocket for damaged or misprinted garments. Once World Emblem has completed the decorating, the order is drop shipped directly to the customer.

Also part of the PSST program are discounted spec samples that allow you to collaborate with World Emblem to create impressive pieces that will help close sales. Overall, you find this program helps you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maximize productivity that will drive the growth of your business.

For more information about SanMar’s PSST program or World Emblem’s contact decorating services, go to To contact, call (800) 766-0448 or email to