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We are looking for a Gas Dryer for our Shop. Prefer a 48" wide Belt. We are in Arkansas.

I'd recommend a Precision MD-8 or Airjet.  I will say I think they could insulate the base of the MD-8 a little better, they might do that for an upgrade. We changed ours around with the belt direction and a few other things.  It's worth checking out.

blue moon:
there is a used MD-8 on digitsmith right now.

very good dryer.

our M&R 2000 is better insulated and puts out less fumes into the space, but the not as reliable (but not bad either).

I think Air Jet would be my first choice now, but never owned one so just guessing.


Are you looking for used or new?

We have a used Precision from the 90's. Runs like a top. Puts off a good amount of heat, but we build basically a insulation jacket around it and a few years ago it cost us about $3/day to run...

Hated the anatol gas dryer we had.

We have what Roq is now calling the "Sahara". We beta tested it for them ours still has the "tunnel" stickers on it. With the changes, the thing is absolutely amazing. We are a over 90% discharge shop. Previously our old dryer had a front and back hood with a exhaust fan connected. Then we had 3 other roof/wall power exhausts. If we ran 2 discharge jobs with a full front it would still smell and be smoky in here. With the new Sahara, we only use the exhaust that is connected to the dryer, NO other exhaust and you would never know we print discharge from smell or smoke. The thing is amazing. They also fixed the gas errors the first generation had and raised the internal burner height. It was not cheap, but I love the new one!

We are very happy with our MD-8, 4 years old, trouble free. A little maintenance goes a long way. In our old shop we had a pair of old Advance Tex-Airs, quite old, but still running when we moved. You probably won't see any of those out there, if you do, they'll be 30+ years old.



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