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......."I missed the store deadline, can I still order"

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What do you guys do in this case? Let's say the store closed but you haven't ordered goods yet - but all the paperwork has been processed... add it in or turn them away?

If it ain't a big problem I'd add it, but let them know this is a one time thing

We always leave 2 - 3 days after the store is officially closed for this sort of thing. We will limit their choices when it is an after closing add on. This way we keep it easy for ourselves, keep them happy and let them know to pay closer attention to the deadlines...

For a few pieces, the options are to reopen the store so they can pay through the system and keep all of your paperwork together, or treat them as regular customer. I can't tell some kid, or his folks, that they can't have a shirt like the rest of the kids.


See this is my battle, I used to to do all that. Hand write the info in, or redo the paperwork, run around the shop to update it all, notes everywhere.... Then I went to opening the store for another day or two and let them add it in but it became too much. Not once has it been appreciated, it's just expected. So I decided from now on, screw it. They knew the deadline. I have a pop up stating "no late orders" and all that jazz and they still contact me days after it closed......But my main issues is, there are zero consequences. You missed the deadline. You didn't follow the rules. The consequence is you do not get a shirt. It's like everyone getting a trophy in T-ball. How about no... You lost. it sucks, do better and earn it. If I cave in and reward them for failing to follow the rules, then they just learned my deadline means nothing... Not just with ordering a silly shirt, but in everything... I know this is a major jerk approach and not the best customer service but everyone is so used to getting everything they want, and if they don't get it, they yell a little louder.  I don't know, maybe I'm way off here in my approach... Either way, stores suuuuucccckk ;D


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