Author Topic: Advice for a new film printer??  (Read 3007 times)

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Re: Advice for a new film printer??
« Reply #15 on: April 26, 2022, 07:16:05 AM »
I'd never go back to film, I hated dealing with those Epson printers.
Pierre might get better dots on film he's a great technician.
Most of us get better results with CTS, I'm sorry I didn't get one sooner.
I have no pinholes, don't deal with printing and sticking on film, redos are so easy.   No filed film, just drag the graphics into the CTS and off you go.
I have a Douthitt and their service is unbelievable.
Obviously cost is a consideration, I don't think CTS itself is cheaper than film.
What makes a big difference is the time saved with everything around it.     
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