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making underbase with colorrange


Can't remember if I did or not been so long doing manual seps, but can you or how do you make an underbase using colour range?

Actually, I wouldn't use Color Range to make an underbase, but without seeing the image, I probably shouldn't comment, let's say you have an image on a white background, I'd select the white background, and save it as a channel. Invert that, and choke it the appropriate amount, and there's your underbase. But again, without seeing the image...


blue moon:
for a quick down and dirty, you could use the K in CMYK and invert it. It will be pretty close and it only takes about 20 seconds to do it.


The image is distressed, and what I got from the custy is a jpeg/png so the png is the better to sep, trying to keep that distressed look without any white peeking out, but thanks I'll try that.


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