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Epson 1430 and AccurRIP. - train track junk in film



Anyone familiar with this issue?

Using Epson 1430 and AccurRIP. Doesn’t do this all the time (except for the last two days). may it happened once bvefore for a short time. This made me think Humidity changes causing ink density issues. So I changed up ink density to test it out. First light, then heavier. Still same issues.  Thoughts?  It jets out this train track (top left) all seeming to follow the shape of the art being printed ...but way out away from it...and then it starts to trail in (and into the edge) of the right side of the art.  If it just hung outside the art, I’d be fine.  If it were just a hair on bottom of print head or a dust bunny, it would trail horizontally. This seems to change directions and curve over...and then into the RIGHT side of art only.

Bottom of the print head dirty? I don’t think the 1430 has a wiper or a maintenance tank setup so I bet theres some semi dried ink under the head that’s built up. If it were me I’d grab some 1 or two layers of shop towels, soak em in windex and move the head over them until it’s clean. 

I just went through this awhile back with our 1430 and I clean the bottom of the printhead by taking it out and then a shoe shine on the carriage, @ atownsend yes the 1430 has a wiper blade, Oh and clean that wiper blade, ink builds up on it as well over time.


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