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Good morning all, I have a real head scratcher here. I was sent a bunch of .eps and .ai files, and jpegs, the jpegs look fine. Here is the top of the letter R, and you can see the triangular shape on the right side of the dark gray inline. When I select that individual shape and paste it on to a new page, it looks the same. I can't click on the shape on the right where it extends beyond the boundary, but I can if I click inside the boundary. In my second image, I dragged two copies, the first one below I switched from fill to outline at the bottom of the tool pallet, and it shows the shape as it's supposed to look (according to the jpeg, and common sense) but then on the second copy, I added a red fill and the problem is back. I've been using Illy for a very long time, and simply cannot fix this. The 3 shapes are a .pdf, which oddly enough, displays correctly in the directory, but not when I open the image in Illustrator. I deleted the .pdf here because opening the file in Reader, it looks OK, but if I open or place it in Illy 2020 it has those shapes...


Can you post the original .pdf or is it proprietary?

Yes, check it out...


This seems to be a newish error with illustrator on how it renders curves.  It's not really there, just is being rendered wrong by Illustrator.

If you print from this file it should come out correct, however if you are concerned if you split the tip of the errored part to be separate from the rest of it it seems to render it correctly then.

If you pathfinder them back together then I'm getting the same error.

Looks proper in PDF, looks proper when you assign spot colors and print separations, so I would just run with it or split it into two pieces so it renders properly.

I have Illy CS3, pretty old I know, but I don't really use it.  Opened the .PDF in Corel, added a background to put everything up front looking for something stray and all the Rs looked great.  Saved out to an .ai file and opened in CS3, all the Rs still looked great.  That probably don't help much.  I'd print to film and see what outputs.

Attached is a .PDF output from Corel.  See how this looks.


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