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Where to posoiton second flash?

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Hi all,

When incorporating a black and top white screen into a simulated process print and with 2 spot cures, where is it best to position the second flash?

eg. (using a 10 color auto)

Base /FLASH/ Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, /FLASH/ Black, Top White ?

Would you position it before the black and top white in head 8 or after the black in head 9?


After the underbase then flash and all other colors wet on wet.

If black and white are touching, after the black.

Assuming plastisol ink flashing the black will most likely give it a shine to it. If that is something you want to avoid a small amount of puff in the black will dull it.

red should go last of your colors before flashing to avoid getting stepped on.  Depending on the art, we'll print hl white/black or vice versa.  No need to flash if you sep the art right.


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