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Holy cow it worked


I am out of the tee shirt business but still do a couple of things on the heat press for friends all pro bono work.
the job was adding a heat adhesive embroidered patch to the back of a typical hoodie.

When we peeled the backing paper off the patch there was some stupid kind of overlap or something where the paper was trapped UNDER THE ADHESIVE and it all got peeled off together. No way around it the adhesive film is GONE stuck to the wrong side of the paper ??????.

OK now what,  I build RC air planes one of the methods of applying balsa wing shin to a foam wing core is to coat each with a 50 / 50 mix of Elmers glue and water let it dry and apply to the wing core using a household iron set to cotton / linen.
The glue melts under heat, the wing skin sticks to the foam wing and all is good.

Why do you care...well I tried this on a tee shirt test thinking it would solve the patch issue, using 100% Elmer's on each piece joined while still wet heat pressed at 302 for 15 seconds and it kind of worked, glue to glue it stuck but could be peeled with some force.

Just for giggles I tried the same test with Titebond II

spread the glue on both pieces of tee shirt added them together wet glue to wet glue no drying time hit the test pieces with 302 degrees for 15 seconds and it stuck like iron, way better than Elmers and I could not pull it apart.
I spread some Titebond II on the bare spots of the patch placed it wet on the hoodie hit it 302 for 15 seconds and it worked...bobs your uncle!!!!!
Next time you have a similar situation give TitebondII and the test a try it...... worked for us.

I like that. I've been using this actual purpose-based product for this, but it adds some trimming into the equation.


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