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Discharge question - Can black overlap another color?

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Hey everbody. We don't do much discharge printing except for one color but we are moving in that direction.

Anyway my question is about an upcoming job we have. It's basically a big circle (light with detailed halftones of the band in the center. These would be black shirts and Ideally I want to do it as a one color - with the halftones dropped out. Bu I am worried about dot gain since w are doing approx. 500 with a reorder likely.

If it was plastisol I would print the black halftones to compensate. Is that possible with discharge? We use Matsui

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

tonypep: a rule you should experience less dot gain with WB I would knock it out and one screen it. If nec adjust the halftone

Yeah I was thinking we can bring the halftone down to 45 LPI or even 35 LPI.

thanks or the advice!


--- Quote from: rusty on July 06, 2022, 12:01:58 PM ---Yeah I was thinking we can bring the halftone down to 45 LPI or even 35 LPI.

thanks or the advice!

--- End quote ---

I would not consider 35 LPI, that won't look like a halftone imo..

I would still do this at 55 LPI but print the black still.

Orange at 55-65 LPI with the black halftone knocked out, but on a low mesh, 110-195, hard squeegee, double pull, hard pressure to drive into garment.


Black WB or Soft Hand Plastisol (don't have to worry about dry in) at same LPI (inverse the orange image) on a 305 mesh, hard squeegee, single pull

You'll loose some of the halftones on the orange low mesh and have some gain, however you'll get that back with the black screen.  I also like printing black on black.

Depending on the image it'd be fine with a single screen and low LPI as it can be a cool look, but if you want the best quality use two screens, one low mesh so you can get a nice bright discharge print, and one high mesh so you can hold high details and not have to sacrifice your image.

Cure for 3+ minutes, and this will be easily repeatable on reorders, as well as easy to run for 500 units as you won't have to be playing a balancing act.


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