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Does anybody have any experience with the Yoprint production management software? We have been with Printavo for years but there's a 60% price increase coming in a couple of weeks that puts the annual cost $3500-$4000k. The price is one thing, but we are falling apart with the lack of a proper purchase order system in printavo. No way to do partial check-ins. There is a 3rd party software that enables partial check-ins for ~$40 additional per month but it doesn't utilize the existing POs in printavo. The process is a bit clunky.

The power scheduler is ok. With the amount of time it takes to input everything you can physically stage orders on the production floor instead. Still on the fence.

We don't use the merch system in printavo.

We have been trialing Yoprint and it has a proper PO system, live inventory & accurate garment pricing with supplier logins. Good shipping info. All of this for $2k less per year.
I'm hesitant as it looks like a small dev team and haven't been around as long as some of the other softwares.

Teesom is has a similar feel but yoprint is a slightly cleaner layout. I don't like the mockup system in teesom. Thoughts?

I don't know yoprint but use teesome and I am barely scratching the surface with it. Its pretty robust and that can be intimidating.

I had printavo but its overpriced and you can only have 3 pricing matrices which sucks. though layout is clean and some what easy to navigate. they should do less social media and build out a better system.

Thanks, yes I agree Printavo is the cleanest. Shopvox maybe second place. Shopvox is similarly priced so not really worth the hassle of swapping.

I'm really curious if anyone had any significant downtime with their service from server interruptions or even buggy interactions?

teesom had one shutdown a couple months back that lasted for about 12 hours.  That's the only one I am aware of.  They have been doing some small tweaks here and there, some of them are more useful than others.  Thankfully the shutdown was after east coast business hours on a Friday, so it didn't affect me.

I'd really like to see UPS integration, but the rest of the software is so good that I can't really complain.  looing for inventory is 10 times easier with teesom than manually looking.

teesom has unlimited price matrices, which I don't really take enough advantage of to be honest.

Yeah, teesom and yoprint seem pretty similar. I'm not sure if it's me but the mockup "system" for teesom was strange. If you have multiple groups of designs on one order, all of the mockups are grouped together at the bottom of the page. It made it confusing for us and probably confusing for the customer. I know if has the ability to list what line items the design is for but visually disorientating. Can you confirm this? Thanks.


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