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Stochastic dots in Photoshop?


Is there a way to simulate a stochastic dot in Photoshop to a separation that is in channels?

I usuaully create my separations in channels in Phosotshop and then halftone using the bitmap > halftone process

I've tried using the diffusion dither but the dots are way too fine, similary the index process doesn't suit as you need to run that on an RGB image before the separation and no dots overlap.

A few of the designs i'm working on would benefit from a square stochastic style dot as opposed to a traditional halftone as they've been made using a stippled brush.

Any ideas on the best way to simulate this in Photoshop to get a similar dot size to a 55LPI halftone?


For that, to make it work for screen printing, it’s all about the files resolution.  So, for clean traditional halftone dots, you would use 600ppi at output. For Stochastic (to hold in the screens), you need to bitmap at lower res.

280 resolution for 355 mesh.
260 resolution for 300 mesh.
230 resolution for 280 mesh,
190 resolution for 230 mesh.
170 resolution for 156 mesh.
150 resolution for 110 mesh.

Always try to keep your resolution a good bit lower than your mesh you need. The closer you get the resolution to the mesh, the more you increase your potential for mesh interference that looks like Moire.


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