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New Rutland LC Inks
« on: August 24, 2022, 12:56:43 PM »
I see that Rutland has been rolling out the new Chill series inks (LC). Looks like they're going to cure as low as 270F. Whites & black came out a few weeks ago and now RFU colors are hitting now too it looks like. I'd love to run our precision 50 degrees cooler, but I dont really see too much of point in having low cure inks if we still have M3's on our shelf that still have to cure @ 320F.

Does anyone know if they are also revising the M3 line to also cure at 270? If so i'd gladly clear out our inventory to make that move. Lower dryer temps and less flash time could make our summers that much better.

Anyone try the whites / black yet? If so how is the printability comparable to the street fighter? Also curious to see how the RFU colors handle WOW printing. Didn't see any mentions in the product bulletin.