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400 pieces - 3 color posters needed done in LA area 10/6 deadline

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Anyone on the board in the LA area doing Flatstock/poster printing or can recommend someone who does.

Got a client that needs 400 posters for a tour done by 10/6 in the Los Angeles area. Art isn't too technical.

They want it printed locally for various reasons so no shipping.

Any leads are greatly appreciated!

you can try Family industries of Press Friends. but that timeline is super tight for flatstock.

I did reach out to family industries but there pricing is a bit too high. I will try press friends.

I know the time line is tight but but so it goes working with record labels and tours.

Thanks as always Eric

Not in your area but check out signs365 specifically their poster product. The time line should not be a problem for them.

Hey thanks, we got it sorted.

The posters on that site are all digital though right? These needed to be screen printed


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