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Tutorial how to print Photoshop spot color channel seps to AccurRip film printer



Tutorial how to print Photoshop spot color channel seps to AccurRip film printer

How to print spot color channel seps from Photoshop to AccuRip or basically any other RIP.

In a nut shell, RIPS convert a color assigned file such as a grayscale image (your separated art) down into pixels based on a grid of resolution that form representations of your TONE using either a black grid square space or a white grid square space. This is output to film on single page.

For this reason, your separation files should only contain the spot color separations. No RGB, No CMYK channels and no other custom channels that are not a separation for the art (such as garment color channels) that are not intended to print out as a color sep. Those (if any) are for viewing references only and should be deleted. See EXAMPLE 1

The Spot color channel seps are literally nothing but a single greyscale file (save/combined all together in one file) and is now a Multi-Channel File format. SEE EXAMPLE 2

From here, Turn on all of the eyeballs of the channel separations to tell the printer what color you want to print...and then go into the Print window (control P on PC) and (Command P on Mac) and choose your RIP, Your Film Page, and be sure to change the Color Management (color Handling) to SEPARATIONS.  Click PRINT.

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Cool, we've always saved them and imported them into Illustrator for output, but I always like seeing a different take.



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