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A couple questions for those that have OMG or setup online stores using something similar.
Who in your organization sets these up? How long does it take on average to get a store going if all the product mockups are done?

Right now, I have the graphic artists do it. It takes a couple of hours for them to get a store going once they have art and mockups complete.

My wife does it for a few schools and cheer teams... Depending on the number of items it can take anywhere from 1 - 4 hours building from scratch (using their templates for mocks up). She did say she reuses some shops and just changes the specifics to speed it up.

I've done enough so that it's maybe an hour and a half now. I have a group of stores that repeat a couple of times a year, those go pretty quickly.


back a few years ago before the vid, I could have one done in about 10 minutes. Now, with trying to find items and dealing with the BS within OMG -adjusting colors, prices, sizes are jacked on some products- I am a few hours, easy. I used to like stores, super fast, making money while you sleep. Now, I can't effing stand them.  they are not hard to do- but man if you miss a step you can really get yourself in a pickle....

I've too have done hundreds, so it takes an hour at most.  Big thing is to first spend the time to create your store templates, and get it accurate on all specs from price, style, sizes, shipping, etc.  like it is a final store but without artwork.  Use your most commonly used items, make sure to have both long and short sleeve, performance and cotton on just about all items. the templates must be very accurate to speed up the store building process; and i have several different templates which we use for different events, sports, schools etc.

 Then when I build the store for a team, unit, business or school booster or elementary class. 
I will have there artwork already saved as a png file with no background.  We try to make the artwork a 1 or 2 color at most preferably 1 color and make screened transfers.

I then select the appropriate template and turn off the colors and products which I do not need.  Pricing is already done so it is just drop colors and style not needed and then add artwork which is upload once and copy paste.  takes the longest time 20 minutes or so.

I also have the banner sizes template saved so I can create a quick banner out of the artwork on the shirts,  use it as a background drop.

all the shipping stuff is done and I just need to name the site and send it.

can't say it enough  template template template.  build yours very detailed and accurate build multiple.

it is a big A$$ pain but well worth it for sure.


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