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Discharge on Colortone Spider Navy


I have a customer looking for discharge white on Custom Colortone Tie Dye 1350 Acid wash burnout in Spider Navy. It's a 60% cotton/ 40% poly shirt. I don't think it will work, but I know some folks have had it work on the occasional blend. Of course, if the Navy dye isn't the right kind, then it won't work anyway. Any experiences, good or bad, anyone might have to share?


We would not Discharge this at our shop.

If the customer insisted, we'd make them sign a waiver, stating we were not liable to them expectations not being met.

This would be done with HSA, most likely 3, possibly 4 screens to make it bright white.

Thank you sir, Happy Thanksgiving. In fact, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here at the shirtboard.



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