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CMYK print - special inks needed?

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pretty new to screenprinting..

My question: if i try a cmyk print on a shirt, do i need special inks or can i use regular plastisol color (got tiflex, rutland and a couple of random)

Do i need to make the inks more transparent so they blend better? (with a thinner?)

yes. You need process colors.

Rusty is 100% right.  It’s how it should be.

1st, When starting out, don’t try using an underbase yet yet.  That comes with far more experience printing process on apparel first. Print on white only.

2ndly, if you have the art and screens, then you can “play” by replacing each color with a regular ink.  Night lemon yellow for process yellow, bright pinkish red for magenta, medium sky blue for cyan. The print won’t be as dynamic in color but doing this is like preparing you for the real thing. You may see physical issues with the seps and screens. moire issues, incorrect screen angles, too high of a LPI on the mesh etc. comparing the results to when you do get process inks, it will give you a better peak into what these process inks are really doing for you.

Use 230 minimum mesh on a manual press. 300 on auto.
Typically 50lpi is a minimum LPI that will work on both of those mesh sizes.
Most try to make it more difficult by using a different angle for each color.  That comes later.  Make it easier on you by using the same angle on all.  I use 22.5 as my angles.

yes you need 4cp inks.

thanks. I guess "real" cmyk has to wait a while then. And in the mean time I will go with the great idea of just using colors which come close to cyan, magenta, yellow, black. I will report back how it is going :-)


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