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Maybe it is really clear and I just dont get it, but I am stuck how to print this effect:

In comic illustration you got often have a shadow effect to give depth. (like on the bun) In illustrator I just overlay with transparency but when i try to think how to make screens, do i use an extra color each time or do i somehow "create" the other color (I tried it manually with the dots)

And how is the process of "creating" the extra color: do i just take the bun (2 colors) and let photoshop create halftones and then the size of the halftones create the color effect?

I hope this makes sense at all..

simplest way to do it is use a black halftone overlay unless you want the shadows solid like that.

But you can just print all the base colors and use one black screen over the shadow areas. Depending on how you are outputting film you can also control  the halftones to be larger or smaller depending on what you want.

look up simulated process screen printing and dive in.

I understand the basic idea, but I just donĀ“t get the way..

I would print all the base-colors: how do I get the screen with the black halftone? (I mean I could select the areas and then its just trial-and-error how much shading I get?)


--- Quote from: OhNoPrinting on January 12, 2023, 11:19:52 AM ---(I mean I could select the areas and then its just trial-and-error how much shading I get?)

--- End quote ---

thats it.

Welcome to screen printing. Its a lot of trial and error.

You will have to experiment with different shades to get the results YOU want.

10% of gray will be different than 25% etc and then you factor in what type of LPI you are printing.

thanks.. I really just started screen printing because I was tired from just sitting in front of the screen.. its shocking how much I still have to actually learn even so doing graphic design for years :-)

so with cmyk separations i came a little closer what I want to archive, but I guess I will need to experiment further, because I want that "solid-color"-look.


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