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Rapid Tag LP-1 For Sale (TX)


For sale is a gently used Rapid Tag LP-1. It has 36245 impressions on the clock, and is in great shape. The touchscreen still has the plastic screen protector. Included are 10 screens of various mesh counts.

We are asking $3500 plus freight to you, or you can come pick up from 78704.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Nothing to add other than that's a fair price for one of these.  How will you be doing inside neck labels now without it?

However can you please show us more of the trikes with presses on them?

Hey Zane, thanks for the comment on the price! I think it's quite fair, and this could be great for someone. We use our Roq presses for inside labels now. Being able to burn six sizes on one screen, and simply shift it over proved to be faster than using this press.

We call those our bike presses, and they're for live events as you may have guessed. They're actually quite nice, and rideable, with three speed internal hubs. It's best to remove one of the heads so that it's not poking you in the back if you intend to actually ride them lol. People love them at events, it adds another layer of mystery to the screen printing process. We're in the process of repainting them with our new branding.

Here's a couple more pics:


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