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Any of you use the MB white from one stroke? I read what is made and suppose to do, but does it really do it in the field? I use one strokes ELT series inks now for a lot of of our bad bleeders.


We just got a sample last week but ave yet to try it.

Any update on this?  I am out of our regular white and I'd like to see how this white is working for folks.

Price is on par with ELT, any reason to change to this?

prices are insane for a gallon of ink, yet here I am buying it because One Stroke is THAT good....

I'd give One Stroke a try if they didn't blow up my phone / email on the reg. Annoying AF. Im not sure how many calls / week I'd get if I placed an actual order.

Last I checked they were way more expensive vs Rutland. But that may have changed idk. I will say though, our rutland super poly w has yet to bleed once on us ($125 / gal @ texsource). So no real reason to switch.


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