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Bunch of Stuff For Sale
« on: April 11, 2023, 12:16:03 PM »
I'm shutting down production and contracting my work out, so I have a bunch of stuff for sale.

80-Roller frames, some are 23x33, some are 23x31.  All have new or great mesh. All is either Saati HiDro or Murkami S Mesh Panels.  Almost all are M3 with a few MZX mixed in.  $25 each

Epson 4000 Printer-I bought it used and got the head clear.-$800
Epson 1430 Printer-Bulk ink system-$450

2 Screen racks-$100 each

5 HP 50 gallon air compressor.  It's old but works great.  Comes with motor starter and chiller-$1000

Vastex V2000 6/4 Manual-$2200

Shurloc Accelerator stretching kit-$250

Roller Squeegee for Roq-$200

Double Blade Squeegee for Roq $200

Shoot me an email if interested in anything.  Located in Northwest Ohio