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I have this scanned photo at 600DPI the customer wants just two colors, going on a navy shirt. White and red in the flag and flame. No backgroud just the men flag and fire. How the hell do I do this? Thinking I have to mask out the part to be left but whats the best way to turn everything white and pull red to print on top? Isn't everything going to be in negative since it is white?

You are going to have to put in a lot of photo manipulation/editing on this one. The seps are the least of your worries. LOL.

Once it's masked out well, with the smoke fading off to the shirt color (where it's grey smoke), Try looking at the RGB or cmyk  channels and see if you can pull just the red areas out.
This is one of those jobs that you will have to get into it first before you can see how you might approach it.  Masking is your first step.  It may come easier (more clear as to what to do) after that.

My way takes more work than you might want to do, but anyway I would take my polygonal lasso and remove any background or parts I don't need, which would leave you the men, fire, flag and smoke this way let's you have more control of what you want instead of a auto background remover or masking.  Then duplicate make one a gray scale invert to white and then pull the colors from the color layer you need and blend then back in.  I don't really follow any set rules I just make it up as I go along working until I get what I need, but I'm sure someone on here has a much better easier way of doing this, I'm still kind of old school even though I have updated software LOL


I might manipulate the file so that the stripes in the flag are white, mask of what you don't want, and possibly try indexing with just white and red, if you're familiar with the process. I'd also try to talk the customer into adding yellow to make the flames look better.


depending on how much your charging for art, I would mask out the guys, mask out the flag/box. then do a rough cut on the flames, add in my own smoke. Sep as I go, makes it easier to build. I made some monochrome smoke elements if you want them.


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