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Our Saati is here and still dialing in all the parameters, however, after having a DTS for two years in a previous shop well, I can say all signs lead to gamechanger. No consumables (ink/wax) is really just a plus. High res detail on lower mesh where applicable. Reduced dot gain on process and sim process. We are posed to be better and faster in a very short time.

What's your exposure times look like, say on a 156 mesh, and do both screens need to be the same mesh or can the settings be controlled independently?

How many screens do you typically produce in a shift?

What resolution does it expose at and what dot size halftones do you typically print?

It's a cool tool, how much did it cost and what model did you get?

Post pictures!

Give me a few weeks for specifics however this is not a plug it in and go piece of equip. Need a tech to install. Must be leveled and dialed in to your emulsion, mesh counts/color etc. Ours laser expose two 23/31s at a time (no bulbs). Halftone settings can be preprogramed to whatever you like (85 excessive for textiles but possible with a click) Helps to have auto coat for uniform EOM. Detail is amazing. Exposure time/speed/power need to be preprogrammed but its not necessarily faster than DTS just much better. This will change how we print... not only faster but better. So much to ponder. Off to meet the tech for final install and programming

I was just sent a video of a 1 up laser unit coming to market soon (not made in china). It exposed a 23x31 screen in 1 minute. Still waiting for more details but a 1 up machine makes more sense to me given everything thing I have heard about the Saati unit.

Which Laser did you get?


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