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this might be the end...

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blue moon:
our hosting expires on june 6th and we are not going to maintain the forum any more. If anybody is interested in moving it to their web page let us know.
Otherwise the lights will go out!


Oh my... I will miss this place and everyone in it for sure. I've had so much help from my friends here, as well as contributing what I know, as little as it is. Thank you Pierre, Dan and Andy, you are all fine gentlemen, and I'm glad to have made your acquaintances. God bless you all, and all of my friends here as well.


I'LL SUE!!!  >:(

Doug S:
I sure hate to hear this.  I've made it such a habit to check TSB every morning.  That will be tough to get use to.  Sure going to miss it.

I will miss this place, but everything has a season.  I'm thankful for the friends I've made and the things I've learned.


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