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Another Stretch Issue, this time vinyl

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It's really tough to find material good on both nylon and with stretch properties.
Years ago, I used some Gorilla Grip 2 on some swimsuits, and it was a bitch! Making it tougher was the fact that it was small and detailed, and the backing sheet on that stuff is non-adhesive. Tough to weed.
At any rate, I had much better luck with their Super Film, and it even had a better stretch and rebound rating. Since it was my go-to film for this application, naturally, they discontinued it.
I was left with only Sport Film Lite, which for the most part works pretty well, and I keep it in stock in the most common white.
However, I was asked about some sports bras and leggings that are nylon with a whopping 29% Lycra content.
My first thought was that could well outstretch most stretch vinyls.
Stahls reps seem to just go from a script, and then suggest a test print.
Any thoughts, or even better, anyone do a lot of swim teams?

Siser EasyWeed Stretch HTV, have you looked into this?

doesn't stick to nylon

I have used the Stahls Tek Opaque, it is print/cut but can be used without printing, just white. You would need to mask it after weeding, but applies to everything at a low temp.  Stretch is good as well.  You just don't reverse the cut.

Thermoflex has a "Turbo" series, but there is nothing in the description pertaining to strech.



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