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Custom Ink closing Reno and Charlottesville production facilities; 338 jobs

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Custom Ink closing Reno and Charlottesville production facilities (

Yeah they just had an auction for all that stuff. I guess they didn't anticipate a slow or maybe the stretched themselves to thin with acquiring a few platforms like and

They seem to be going big towards corporate promo. They opened a store in NYC but it looks like appt. only but its right in the middle of midtown with offices. Don' know how that will work out with more corporate people working from home.

I thought this was an interest look in how they run things in their shop. Spoiler alert: not good

130 production employees, 245 non-production employees. 2:1 office to floor? I don't know about all that.
To be fair they aren't the only company that has found the Reno labor talent pool shall we say challenging.

From the auction pics it looks like their facilities were setup by the "guy that knows everything".

With the price sheets they were sending around, and the way they treated one of their first contract shops
(encouraged to expand for them, then rug pulled when they opened their own facilities)..... good riddance.

Happy to see it other than a lot of people lost their jobs. I am sure some of them did good work and cared.

I saw this coming but for different reasons. Interesting


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