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--- Quote from: GraphicDisorder on July 12, 2023, 02:11:14 PM ---I haven't heard a peep about that being a shitty task since adding it. Plus the nice thing is any one can be trained to do it so fast.

--- End quote ---
It's much like the difference between manual and auto printing. Sure auto printing is still *work*, but it's consistent and much easier to train someone to do it right.

We have a new (replacement) IT SWR here. First one ran for 23 years.

It has separate ink removal and stencil remover tanks that are recirculatory (with vertical brushes, a la car wash). The final rinse after degreasing is not recirculated. Warm air knives at the end. The whole thing is a 27 foot long monolith of stainless steel.   

There was some futzing with chems to get the right dilutions at first but now it's humming along. I don't have an idea if there was an increase or decrease in water usage, as it was basically a swap out. I'll need to look at the water bill history in a few quarters.


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