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Vector image with linked files- how do I separate this?

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I got a .ai file, all vectors (white, red, black) apart from two linked images (.png) that are part of that artwork two. How would I go by and separate this without loosing the vectors in this image. The linked files are as well just black and white and I just need the white part of those images?

Can you trace the pngs and make them the same color as something else that is already vector?

are the png's single color, or multi color? If single, you can open one in Photoshop and convert it to a bitmap tif, (50% threshold) then replace the png with it, and color it black red or white. If it has tones, use the halftone option in the bitmap box instead of the 50% threshold, and again, replace the png with it and color it. Bitmap tiffs can be colored with any color in your Illustrator pallet. IF the 2 png's are single color images... Hope this helps.


Tiffs can work and be colorized, custom ink provided files like that a lot, you can also put separated PSD's placed in illustrator as well, downside of that method is CMYK will alway show when you hit print, you can click off those channels but it always bugs me.

The way I've done this is to make a Photoshop DCS 2.0, which saves as an .EPS which gets placed into illustrator.

I attached an image here that has both vector and raster elements in the same file, with sections set to overprint and some that will not overprint and will knock out of the raster separation.  There is a transparent vector part which would become a gradient for the shading on the left post

The vector grass has a base.

Basically tried to include everything in this separation to show examples of different use case.

This is a great method as you get the best of both worlds, easier to separate complex images in photoshop, but still get crispy vector text or small elements that wouldn't be as clean if coming from photoshop.

Have to download the .zip as it has both the .pdf and .eps in there as you can't attach a .pdf

Coreldraw. *ducks under desk*


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