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Rough white plastisol print -> Heatpress?

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because I intend to make every beginner mistake, i have to deal with a rough plastisol print (very thick&sticky white ink on black shirt).

So i want to try to smooth it out a little with a heat press..should I cure them completely in the dryer and then heat press or first heat press (5sek) then dryer?

Print was: White ink stroke then flash. (the flash i only use, so i dont smear the ink when taking the shirt of the pallet)

Doug S:
We've always cured before pressing.

Yeah, cure it first and it just should need a second or two under the press to achieve the max improvement.

Definitely worth looking into the variables here though. Screen tension, squeegee sharpness, and a nice white ink that’s been mixed and moving.

When all else fails…


Cured it in the dryer -> heat-pressed the white prints -> smooth and a little bit rubbery (but in a nice way)

And I might be wrong, the white looks whiter..?

My guess why it feels rough: the white ink is really stick and my screens are very low on tension (maybe 16/17 Newton). Plus, I was playing with off-contact and I think it wasn´t enough, so that the screen was lifting a bit of ink.

Just out of curiosity.  Is this like an 80 or 100 mesh job?


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