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Do you charge to make an online store?

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What's your system like? Do you require a deposit to create a store? What if it doesn't sell anything, how do you recoup any money for time lost? This is a struggle I'm trying to figure out. Coach has a team of 50+ kids so it sounds promising. You create the design, create the store, it sells a whopping 10 items....Not enough to cover your time and expenses, now what? Do cancel the orders, refund the money and move on or charge a flat rate for store creation?

I've never done these, but what about a deposit to cover the initial time investment that is refunded after a pre-determined minimum number of purchases is reached?

A local shop does, not sure how much. On the rare occasion that I do one I only offer one, maybe two items.

Our stores are trade schools, some have only a few items, others as many as 10 items. I have one department that is always a small run, so transfers, no setting up the press. I did have one department that was very small, but it was a simple one color print. I didn't want to turn it down, as bad press, deserved or not, can travel pretty quickly. We don't charge to build them, because it's fairly easy now that I know what I'm doing...


This is a constant struggle for us. We do a few schools and they are mostly great. It does seem like every time the PTO board changes someone wants to go nuts and add 62 designs that their middle school prodigy designed in canva. We have an unofficial rule that we will put up 4 designs for no charge and them we start charging $25.00 per design and $10.00 per item. So if that 5th design is going on 3 different shirt materials and 5 colors  for each of those We charge and extra $175.00. It has helped up reduce the work and helps them focus on the designs that actually sell and make us all money.


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