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Epson Stylus 3000

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I've got an old 3000 that I never really used and honestly gave me issues every time I tried.  The 1400 is my go-to. 

Does anyone have any need for parts, inks, etc before it goes to the trash heap?

I think I have a couple of Black Cartridges never used. 

It's really heavy so shipping the whole unit is not an option.

Time on this is 7 days (8/16) - the next time I can set out for heavy trash

if it hits the trash heap, pour one out for the OG film printer.

There were a couple of people out there running businesses repairing and setting up 3000's, maybe they are still out there.


A couple years back I got in touch with Sigmo (David) who was one of the main guys refurbishing them at one time looking for a Windows Driver.  He was not able to help with that and told me he was no longer working on them.

stop messing around grandpa:


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