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A major upgrade for me & question


Doug S:
After using the rocket launcher I image for about 9 years I've found a used 3 head I image STE.  It's way overkill for my situation but I'm excited. Thanks Dot tone for posting videos on your own to give a few pointers on purging and such.

My question is for those that already have them, do you usually use the on board exposure or keep a dedicated exposure unit?  I have a trilight 6000 watt that I use now.

Keep your other exposure unit for redundancy or post exposures / hardening if you ever need it, or if you ever do screens larger than the STE can accommodate.

Or if you use an emulsion that doesn't perform great with LED isn't bad to have a light source that gets a better exposure.

Doug S:

I didn't think of that.  Good idea.


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