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Let me Start again....


It's time to revisit the emulsions..., I have been using the CCI HXT Blue for 4/5 years, no problems, and I will continue to use it, because is cheap, perform very well with the LED exposure, with plastisols, long runs, good reclaiming, no problems with all the chemicals( screen wash, screen opener, etc.), But...
on the water/discharge side, We haven't found "the" emulsion, We have tried several (ready to use, diazo, ...) but without luck, always some problem..., We have tried "hardener", but sometimes in the long runs are not enough... We have LED exposure unit and We have metal halide(MSP3140).
Let me know, What are you using this days...

We use Murakami T9 (pink) and/or CCI ProChemĀ® L.X.P. L.E.D. Optimized Emulsion.

They both work great for all ink types. Never had a problem with discharge or waterbase inks.

Doug S:
I second the Murakami T9.  We've used it for about 5 years now and never had any problems.

t9 is pretty good, we are running Chromaline CP Tex and it's been great. it takes longer to expose, which for us is a good thing because we have a 7500w light and it's hard to dial in a faster exposing emulsion.


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