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Epson Desktop Printers Rear Feed Paper Tray


I recently switched to the Eco Tank type ET-15000 for my inkjet transfer production.
A bit of a step down from the WF 7220 which had two heads, but mostly its second larger paper cassette.
This new guy prints fine, but when printing big stuff, I've had to put up with feeding one large piece of transfer paper at a time in the rear tray as prescribed in the instructions. (This is a real flip open tray, and not the straight through feed for thick stock I've had on other printers) Tedious at best on large runs. I did start cheating a bit by inserting the next sheet as soon as the first starts printing. Still forced me to camp out by the printer for the entire run, but did allow me to at least set the print command to the total, rather than going back and doing it one at a time.
This last time, I said what the hell, and loaded a dozen or so sheets, and voila! Not one misfeed. Is this a fluke? What do you guys  who have a similar setup do?

Yep it is, because as soon as you walk away it might pull two sheets in or more, I'm running a small DTF run on our L1800 sheet feed and it's been perfect so far, but this morning after putting a stack of sheets in it pulled in about 3 sheet's then after that spit out a few blank ones, so yeah it's a fluke ;)

Same experience as 3Deep.    I tried loading say 5 sheets of film at a time at first. My other printers in the past had done that easily. Not these. Immediately noticed that every 3rd or 4th print it would pull to one side and skew my print. One time I even think it grabbed two sheets and that was a real mess to clean up.   From there on out, I loaded 1 at a time and baby sat them. No issues from there.


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