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had an employee that is just elfin dumber than a box of rocks?  and a second employee that doesn't catch the dumb crap the other guy does?

It has to be ADD or something.

This is just one example:

Burning a sleeve. We literally put the film on the grid and carrier sheet exactly where it should be burned. We said " just tape it right here and you can burn it"

So the dude burns it, my press guy grabs it and sets it up, puts ink in and does a test print, comes in to show me,.....

its burned upside down.  WTF?

Give the press op some credit. At least he didn't print them all hahaha. Back when we were on film 6-7 years ago. WE burned a screen with the film flipped the opposite way... not iodide down, just ass backwards. We proceeded to not only print, but also ship the job. I'll never forget that one.

We just had 2500 pcs for a customer split between two jobs. I tell the catcher, make sure we put size labels on the outside of the boxes, with the job name on it. We want them to be able to sort these easily when it gets to their warehouse.

First off, this should be obvious... I shouldn't have to say it after you've worked here for 6 months and have been doing the same thing literally every day. Second, we already put the job name / PO number on the outside of every singe box so they don't get cross shipped. We don't normally put size labels on the boxes, because avg order is under 100 pcs.

He proceeds to put size labels and the customer name on each box. Next job comes down, Size lables and customer name. So im standing there looking at two pallets of shirts and I'm like, Dude how is anyone going to know what the hell any of this is WTF? 60% chance this guy gets fired in the next 60 days. Coming soon... performance reviews.

I'm assuming the 2 jobs have different prints or some distinguishable difference to be identified.  Since they didn't leave the premises the boxes could be reopened and re-tagged before shipping.  Sounds like a good job for him if he wants to hold on to his job.

But you're right.  Are the schools pushing out these kids without any effort to nurture any common sense?  Ya, I guess so.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg on what we have going win back there.  I just have to change my management style to fit with what I have going on with these guys.

Do you have something written that outlines expectations for each employee?

SGIA aka printing united has an employee handbook template that I used to create our employee handbook. I made that a few weeks ago, printed out one for everyone and had a meeting with the guys and gals. Included their job description in the folder with the handbook along with secondary responsibilities when things get slow.

Last week, I put up CCTV cameras from Reolink up all over the place. 8 cams so far, but prob more coming soon. I setup the breaks function in Tsheets so I can compare when someone is on break, and when they are supposed to be working. Helpful for sure.

Working on a system for performance reviews right now. But I think the first two things have to be done first. Hard to hold people to certain metrics if the metrics are unclear.

Who here does performance reviews for employees on the regular? If anyone has templates that you're willing to share, that would be amazing. Trying to introduce accountability for a team that has had little is hard, but I think if its approached the right way it can be done so long as there is mutual respect.


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